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Seccua VirexPro

Ultimate Removal Performance The nano-pores of the Seccua Virex Pro provide removal characterisitcs, that meet and exceed regulatory requirements for membrane filtration used in drinking water treatment. The Virex Pro has proven to fully remove virus, cyst and bacteria, tested against US EPA and DVGW standards.

Integrated Membrane Testing The Virex Pro provides a fully automated, integrated, state-of-the-art mem- brane integrity test. It detects membrane damages smaller than the size of bacteria and parasites. The Virex Pro complies to US EPA and German DVGW requirements for membrane integrity testing.

Removes Bacteria and Parasites As the only standardized, light scale membrane filtration system, the Virex Pro meets the regulator's requirements for reliable long-term removal of bacteria and parasites. Every day the system tests itself, without requiring any operator's attention, for damages small enough to let bacteria and parasites pass, and alerts the user immediately should it detect a defect. Many Health Authorities in the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and other countries have selected the Virex Pro to be their system of choice when it comes to treating microbiologically contaminated raw water.

Wherever you are Once the system is equipped with its unique GPRS interface, the Virex Pro offers access to its operating parameters and extensive logged history of operating-data from any computer connected to the internet.

Natural filtration - still most reliable The Virex Pro has copied one of natures most effective processes when it comes to water purification: filtration. With its filter's pores being smaller than pathogens and turbidity-causing particles, the Virex Pro removes bacteria, parasites and turbidity in one single treatment step. With its state-of-the art technology, the Virex Pro offers water purification at lowest driving pressures and therewith lowest energy consumption.

Long filter-life Being able to clean itself fully automatically, without requiring any operator- attention, the Virex Pro offers long filter-life and significantly lower operat- ing costs than any other conventional filtration technology. If required, the Virex Pro can even run chemically enhanced cleaning sequences using different cleaning chemicals to clean the filters most efficiently.

Go Green! Without any additional equipment required, the system can be connected to solar power supplying 12 VDC. Its ultimate low power consumption gives it a superior advantage over desinfection technologies like UV, using often more than 97% less energy than UV disinfection systems. Fur- thermore Seccua offers a unique recycling program for its filter elements, helping you to act more sustainable.

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